Including Subject To Transactions

Mortgage wraps are changing lives - ready to learn how they can change yours? 


Do you feel left behind by traditional investment methods?

Mortgage Wraps/Subject Tos are the single most powerful investment method available!

So, what's stopping you from trying out a new investment method?

  • Learning something new can be complicated and frustrating

  • You have a ton of questions and you're not sure who to ask

  • The risk involved

You're in the right place!  Get ready for Wrap U.

In Wrap University, you’ll learn how to finally take the next steps of investing in real estate wraps - and how to make wraps work for you!

After completing this course you will know...

  • Where to find Wraps and Sub Tos
  • How to convert conventional sellers to wrap/sub to sellers
  • Understand how wraps and subject tos work
  • Be able to invest confidently

The right knowledge about wraps can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Wrap University.


Wrap University

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Introducing the ultimate solution for those seeking to excel in the real estate industry!

Our online Mortgage Wrap Seller Finance Education Course is here to take your knowledge to new heights.

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to get out in front of this investing trend. 


What's Included In This Course...


All About the Wrap

This is the foundation for your knowledge of wraps:

  • All About Wrap Nerd
  • Why This Course is Powerful
  • Wrap Definition

You’ll finish this section with all of the knowledge you need to get started.


Contracts and More

You will have the foundation, now you will start learning the legalities surrounding wraps and sub tos:

  • Contracting a Sub To
  • Contracting a Wrap
  • Contracting a Hybrid

You’ll finish this course with knowledge of how to structure wraps/sub tos and how to draft purchase agreements

MODULES 10 - 15

The Details

The secret to finding wraps, additional required disclosures, and much more. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Finding Wraps/Sub Tos
  • Negotiating Wraps
  • What documents you need to close

You’ll finish this lesson with the knowledge it will take to both find and finalize a wrap.

MODULES 16 - 19

Finishing the Process

The devil is in the details.  And the details are important. In these modules, you’ll learn:

  • The Federal laws and the specific Texas laws
  • How to manage a wrap post closing
  • Dealing with title insurance for wraps

You’ll finish this course with the knowledge to start investing immediately.


Chris A.

As a professional investor currently and a former 30 year executive in the default mortgage banking industry, I recently attended Alan's Wrap University. Insightful information on some of the things I knew, but incredible education and expansion of knowledge on the things I didn't. An excellent course in structure and execution of a powerful investing strategy that really helped me up my game.  Taught from a point of view that is truly for your best interest, which is why I really trust Alan and his team.  This is why all my closings and investment work is done through The Ceshker Group.  Thank you Alan and Team.

Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or just starting out...

our comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the tools you need to succeed in the world of seller financing. With easy-to-understand lessons and practical examples, you'll learn how to create and structure a mortgage wrap and develop effective marketing strategies.

Our course offers the flexibility and convenience of online learning, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. Plus, with access to our team of experts, you'll have the support and guidance you need every step of the way.

The course is suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience and knowledge, and offers a wealth of valuable information that can be applied in a variety of real estate scenarios. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and become a top performer in the industry.

Enroll today in our Mortgage Wrap Seller Finance Education Course and take the first step towards success!


I'm T. Alan Ceshker

Alan is a 30 plus year real estate attorney who has focused on wraps for almost 20 years. He presents regularly to realtors, investors and lenders regarding Wraps and Sub Tos around the nation. He worked closely with the Texas legislature for over 6 years to help draft mortgage wrap laws which recently came into effect in Texas. His office has closed over 7,000 Wraps/Sub Tos and he personally invests via Wraps and Sub Tos frequently.

While some attorneys with a few years of experience will read information on Wraps/Sub Tos and use the state bar promulgated forms and call themself experts in wraps and sub tos. However, Alan has dedicated himself to wrap investing since 2004. He is not studying how to do wraps based on market shifts. He has forged his knowledge by closing thousands of wraps in his title office and dozens in his personal investing. He eats, sleeps and breathes Wraps and Sub Tos.

Angie F.

Wrap U is an excellent class to really help an investor or agent understand Sub To and Wrap transactions. Alan is a great instructor who is knowledgeable and engaging. I highly recommend this
class to everyone who is interested in real estate investing.

Phillip P.

Recently I attended a workshop by Mr. Alan Ceshker. The information I received from that class has helped me open my mind to new strategies in my real estate investment business. I highly recommend
anyone who needs assistance with real estate transactions, reaches out to the Law Offices of Alan Ceshker.

David J.

Alan's wrap class was very clear and helpful. He worked trough the legal requirements as well as some examples. With the much higher interest rates in today's market, "subject to" and "wrap mortgages" will be a profitable way to create deals going forward. Every investor needs to get up to speed for the new market.


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Course, Community, and Monthly Zoom Meetings


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  • The best course in the world for wraps and sub tos
  • Access to our private community with investors around the nation
  • Monthly zoom meeting with the legal and escrow team to discuss all that is new with wraps

The Course, Community, Monthly Meetings and Access to The Coaching Team


Get the TOTAL Package!

  • The best course in the world for wraps and sub tos
  • Access to our private community with investors around the nation
  • Monthly zoom meeting with the legal and escrow team to discuss all that is new with wraps
  • Access to a 10 member law and escrow team for mentoring, coaching and advising as needed

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